15. Mai 2013 · Kommentare deaktiviert für Indian Water Resources – An Overview by Dr. K.V. Devi Prasad, Embassy of India, Berlin 2009 · Categories: Indien, Landwirtschaft, Politik, Themenplattform, Umwelt und Klima

2009.11.14 Water_Devi Prasad


The presentation gives an overview of water management in India on the basis of topical observations, estimates until 2050 and possible steps to secure the water supply of India in the future. Even the rainiest place on earth can have water shortage for a limited period. This underlines the necessity of efficient water management.

The talk describes the distribution of rainfall in India, total water requirement now and by 2050, the estimate of utilizable water resource potential (which runs short of the aims for 2050), the decline in water availability over 100 years. It deals with the role of the rivers in India and their basins and gives an outlook into a possible future with changes in agriculture practice to save water, the conservation of waste water and its reuse, the recharge of ground water, the construction of large dams and the establishment of new peninsular and Himalayan water links.