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Ecumenical Sangam is a charitable society for community health and development. It was founded in 1993 and is situated in Nagpur, the very heart of India. The main objective of its work is the uplift of the weaker sections of society, especially in the villages south of Nagpur and the urban slums. Sangam is an ISO 9001:2008 certified NGO awarded by First Quality Certification with accreditation from DAR Germany. The scope of the certification covers the empowerment of community, particularly women, children and the young people, through education, skill building and general awareness for their holistic development.

Ecumenical Sangam provides different Facilities. In Bamhani, Sangam runs a Base Centre, which is the hub for the Sangam team, to look after more than 45 surrounding villages. Additionally, Sangam runs three Sub-Centre’s to cover more remote villages. Sangam is also running three Slum-Centre’s in Nagpur. Last as basis for Funding and the head office there is the Rainbow Guesthouse in the heart of Nagpur.

Sangam supports a wide range of projects including primary health care, social work and education of children as well as raising awareness amongst adults on various topics. In all activities the overall objective is to start and support a process of sustainable development where the villagers and slum dwellers do not become dependent on the Sangam or any other organization but manage to stand on their own feet and air their own voice.

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For further information or contact data please visit www.sangamonline.org